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"The rescuing works both ways again in Allen and Linda Anderson's Collection, Dogs and the Women Who Love Them: Extraordinary True Stories of Loyalty, Healing, and Inspiration, as canines who've suffered abuse, neglect or misfortune seek and comfort humans who've endured the same."
--Karen Holt, O Magazine

"These heart-warming stories of dogs and the women who love them solidify the fact that the animal-human bond is so unique and necessary for enhancing one’s life. You’ll find a bit of yourself in each tale."
--Vanessa Williams, actress and singer


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New World Library is publisher of the Angel Animals series of books by Allen and Linda Anderson. New World Library is an important supplier of animal books and other great materials for animal lovers.

Anatole France said, "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." We agree with that statement. And we heartily invite you to join us in exploring the world of Angel Animals.

--Allen and Linda Anderson

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  • "Angel animals teach by their example how to work for a greater good. With their ability and willingness to serve and give, they demonstrate the spiritual qualities that inspire people to become better human beings than they ever thought they could be. Perhaps angel animals show how to respond to a greater calling and help someone who needs it."
    --Allen and Linda Anderson,
    Angel Animals: Divine Messengers of Miracles, p. 89

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"Anatole France said, 'Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.' We agree with that statement. And we heartily invite you to join us in exploring the world of Angel Animals."

Allen and Linda Anderson

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